Hydraulic Breaker

SUNJIN breaker is a manufacturer of high quality hydraulic breaker for construction, civil engineering, earth work industries. We always strive to become World best hydraulic demolition tools manufacturer

•Strong impact power 

•Fast blow speed 

•Low maintenance cost 

•Auto greasing kit 


Above specifications are subject to change without prior notice


Through bolt


Back head




Front head


The working tool guarantees the performance and economy of JSB hydraulic breaker.

The longest service life due to applied heat treatment.

The energy of piston stroke is accumulated due to charged nitrogen gas.

As a valve system, easier and quicker repair and/or replacement.

As high pressure surge damper, it's for protecting pump output of base machine.

 Easy and lowest maintenance cost due to minimized parts.

The dimension and special steel quality of piston exert longer service life.

The front cover can easily be replaced.