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Lower maintenance costs Less downtime.


Vibro Rippers

vibro rippermain.png

▷ SUNJIN Vibro Ripper is made of high-strength steel for wear-resistance. 


Vibro ripper is almost maintenance free(no daliy lubrications, check), less noisy than other excavator attachment(hydraulic breaker), can be also used underwater without additional kit. Vibro ripper's productivity can reach up to 5 times higher than hydraulic breakers.


Thanks to its uncomplicated design, the maintenance cost are very low and down time can be minimized. 

Top Gripper Vibro Hammer

Outstanding workability and mobility.

Easier operate when there is not enough vertical clearance above the foundation to permit use of a conventional pile hammer such as downtown area, bridge area and the vicinity of high-voltage electricity power lines than crane hammer does.

Equipped with bigger vibration force powered by hydraulic motors and optimal bearings for high frequency vibration.


Side Gripper Vibro Hammer


 G30 is Robotic Pile Drivers enabling you yo drive sheet piles, steel tubes, timber piles, h-i beams, cheaper, safer, quicker than traditional pile drivers.


G30 is Robotic Pile Drivers With Side Grip and Bottom Clamp picks up the piles and turn to desired position adjusting the tilt and start driving the pile.

Hydraulic Breaker

 SUNJIN breaker is a manufacturer of high quality hydraulic breaker for construction, civil engineering, earth work industries. We always strive to become World best hydraulic demolition tools manufacturer

RG Twin head
Rock Grinders

RGL Single head
Rock Grinders


▷ The Rock Grinders are ideally suited for trenching, tunnelling, special foundation work, demolition and for soil mixing. The operating characteristics of rock grinders allow them to be used in noise and vibration sensitive areas.


▷ SUNJIN compactor plates use eccentric, rotating weight that creates vibrations and impulse energy. The compactors provide the needed forces for effective soil compaction. The new compactors now deliver more impact energy and It is an ideal for trench, slope and excavation compaction. 


마천루 수평

SUNJIN Construction Equipment

can be mounted on any excavator.

Tailor to be compatible with the excavator. Please check the excavator brand and model.

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